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Sommeil Terre Pte Ltd’s headquarters is in Singapore and was established in 2010. The 2 main home-grown brands we manage are SLEEPNIGHT Lifestyle Mattress and Sleepy Night. With a commitment to create a personalized sleep experience for our customers, we leverage on UK’s advanced technologies to cater to today’s ever-changing needs and lifestyle. Grounded with the values of keeping up with the standards of our products and services while setting new benchmarks in the industry, we are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ideas to revolutionize the bedding industry.

The combination of technology, human physiology and aesthetics has enabled us to artistically design mattresses for everyone who needs a good night’s sleep. In our Managing Director’s own words, “we don’t just sell mattress, we understand sleep”.


Because we know what’s best for you, we are committed to source for the most suitable raw materials to create a supportive, comfortable and reliable mattress for a personalized sleep experience.

Quality and Trust is what makes SLEEPNIGHT mattress different from the rest. We strongly believe in taking care of SLEEPNIGHT’s customers’ well-being. We are strict in our quality control of mattress manufacturing and material quality. We are continuously doing research on sleep patterns, postures and habits so as to enable us to design and construct the mattress that will meet the needs and requirements of our customers’ lifestyle.


Created in 2013 SLEEPNIGHT Lifestyle Mattress provides a steady supply of mattresses and bedding necessities to many people in Singapore.

A good night’s sleep is important and SLEEPNIGHT mattresses will cajole you into deep sleep with the proper support for your body. The combination of using advanced spring system together with the different comfort layers enables us to design the mattress to give your body “the rest of your life”.

Quietly emerging as one of the top brands in the bedding industry, SLEEPNIGHT mattress is for the finest bedroom where technology blends with aesthetics to keep you relaxed and rejuvenated.

SLEEPNIGHT Lifestyle Mattress, the rest of your life.


Sleepy Night is the affiliated brand of SLEEPNIGHT. Created with the aim to meet the needs of the mass market but not compromising on the quality Sleepy Night was established. We still believe in being innovative in the design for our Sleepy Night products, keeping comfort, support and affordability in mind. It is now the go-to brand for many.

Sleepy Night, the ultimate sleep experience


We are strong advocates of being transparent about our product specifications. Therefore, despite no regulations in Asia, we are among the few manufacturers who implemented the Mattress Law Tag system. All SLEEPNIGHT mattresses have the Law Tag attached to the mattress giving our customers the assurance of the quality of our products. The Law Tag provides the specifications and proof of warranty of our mattress.

As we embark into the digital age, SLEEPNIGHT is looking into developing products that will cater to the changing lifestyle of our customers. The SLEEPNIGHT APP will be made available to everyone to enjoy the benefits. Smart bedding products are also in the works as our brand embarks on a new decade to work towards providing convenience for all our customers. Sleep in style, the way you like, without having to compromise on your comfort.

We aim to create products that our customers are looking for to match their digital homes. SLEEPNIGHT would like to be the preferred
choice in the homes of the digital age where comfort and convenience is just a touch of a button.



SLEEPNIGHT is proud to be the first and only brand in Singapore to have the patented PLASSPRING® technology incorporated into our premium range of mattresses.

After years of studies and tests performed, PLASSPRING®, the world’s other innovative breakthrough in mattress production has arrived. This remarkable technology is a result of years of R&D with a specific focus towards comfort, ergonomics and durability. An excellent alternative to traditional steel-based coil spring most commonly used by manufacturers.

PLASSPRING® is metal-free, rust-free, toxic-free, odour-free with excellent contour ability. It is highly durable, stronger than traditional steel coils and comes with 15 years of warranty. Being metal-free, it eliminates the antenna effect and electromagnetic fields, giving you a healthier night’s sleep.

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