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Back Care Tips & Recommendations

by Justin Goh on August 21, 2023

Just like most of world’s population of office workers, many of us are not spared from the occasional backache caused by our less than ideal lifestyle habits and poor postures.

Therefore, as responsible and caring storytellers at SLEEPNIGHT; we have decided to shed light on some useful back care tips and tricks to help us all keep backaches at bay.

Steps for Backache Prevention

1. Sleep With A Pillow Under Our Knees
The simple action of placing a pillow under our knees has the potential to reduce and relieve up to half the regular amount of pressure placed on our spine. By doing so the natural curve of our spine is also supported, ensuring a healthier and happier lower back.

2. Exercise Regularly
Incorporate back and abdominal strength training exercises that focuses on the core of our muscles to help effectively reduce the risk of back related injuries and strains. Activities such as walking, swimming and biking are great and fun ways to start!

3. Choose Our Shoes Wisely
Putting on comfortable low heeled shoes is one of the most effective ways to protect our backs from unnecessary strains. Gone with the killer heels in with the trusty flats.

4. Straighten Up With Good Posture
All for the sake of our backs; avoid slumping over the desk or in our chairs while making sure to take short breaks from sitting every 30 minutes. Yes, we know it sounds like a challenge…who’s up to join us for a healthy challenge like this one? 

5. Relax
Stress is not only a silent killer but also a major cause of backaches. Learn to breathe a little deeper and declutter our minds to avoid unnecessary sources of stress whenever possible.

6. Stop Smoking
Since Nicotine causes our blood vessels to constrict or narrow, a lower blood supply to our body increases the chances of back disc degeneration.

7. Choose Your Mattress Wisely
Besides the overall firmness of the mattress, select a mattress that is capable of providing the correct support and comfort for your weight and build.

8. Practice Safe Lifting Methods
Avoid bending over at the waist to lift an object off the ground. Instead, bend our knees and hips in a squat to do so.

Protect Our Backs

All in all, watching our back means more than protecting ourselves from any potential stabs in the back (pun intended, read: office politics) but more so caring for the health of our spine. Ultimately without a healthy spine, everyday tasks and movements such as sitting up straight, bending over, picking up objects, walking, twisting and even moving your neck can become extremely difficult or painful.

-An Article Brought to You by SLEEPNIGHT-