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How To Choose A Good Mattress and Why It Is Important

by Justin Goh on November 14, 2023

On average a person spends about 33 years in total on the bed by adding up the days they spend on it according to a study by Furniture Industry Research Association in UK.  Of which in total 7 years of the 33 years are spent trying to fall asleep.  With such staggering numbers, wouldn’t it be crucial when it comes to choosing a mattress just right for you?  

We do not need to stress how important a good quality sleep is to your wellbeing but to get that good quality sleep, the right mattress is therefore imperative.  It not only affects the sleep, it can also affect your spinal health as a mattress supports the natural curvature of the spine which leads to its proper development in the long run.

With so much at stake, we deem it is important to include this in our blog and what are the factors you should put in consideration aside from the type of material use. 

Firstly, your sleeping position as it affects how much pressure you put on different parts of your body, and how much support you need from your mattress.  Side sleepers usually need a softer mattress that can cushion their shoulders and hips, while back and stomach sleepers usually need a firmer mattress that can keep their spine aligned

Your body weight affects how much you sink into your mattress, and how much support you need from it. Heavier sleepers usually need a firmer mattress that can prevent them from bottoming out, while lighter sleepers generally need slightly softer mattress that can conform to their curves.  If you have been growing sideways over the past few years due to snacking while watching your favourite programs on Netflix, you would need to also consider the change in your weight if it is significant enough to warrant a change in your mattress. 

Your personal preferences are also important when choosing a mattress. You may prefer a certain feel (such as plush or firm), temperature (such as cool or warm), or design for the fabric of your mattress though it may not affect your sleep pattern, but you will go to bed happy with it.  You may also have specific needs or concerns such as static from metal coils in the mattress or back pain that affects your choice of mattress you require. 

For those with back issues then perhaps a firmer mattress compared to a soft one is needed as you might wake up with a constant lower backache or pain if you pick the latter.  SLEEPNIGHT’s Ultra Care is a good consideration as it has the firmness your back needs using Orthopaedic Individual Pocket Spring yet comes with Euro Top an extra layer of cushion to ensure it gives you a thicker and denser support.

A good mattress can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer by reducing pressure points, aligning your spine, and regulating your temperature. This can improve your sleep quality and make you feel more refreshed in the morning.  

The right choice in your mattress can therefore support your body’s natural curves and distribute your weight evenly by contouring to your shape and adjusting to your movements.  This can reduce pain and stiffness in your muscles, joints, back which helps to prevent injuries and chronic conditions in the long run.  Sleep is essential for your brain to process information, consolidate memory, and regulate emotions keeping you happier too.  Afterall, a sharper you the next morning is a stronger you at work.

Hence in conclusion, choosing a good mattress is not an easy task, but it is a worthwhile and necessary one.  By considering your needs, preferences, budget, and options, you can find the best mattress for you in Singapore, or you can drop by our SLEEPNIGHT Showrooms located in 10 convenient locations and let our friendly staff assist you in your journey.

Remember, an investment in a good mattress is an investment in yourself