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Mattress Shopping Guide

As new home owners and / or first time mattress shoppers it is common for many to be apprehensive about what to expect on the upcoming mattress shopping trip.

The struggle is especially real when mattresses can typically look and feel pretty similar across the board.

Therefore, within this mattress shopping guide; we have compiled a total of 7 main factors to consider before making a mattress purchase.

We are certain that this would ensure a more pleasant and meaningful mattress shopping experience!

1.Prioritise Comfort
Firstly, put aside any pre-conceived notions when it comes to brand names and price tags. This is because a seemingly pricey mattress might not spell comfort for everyone while an affordable mattress might not indicate that it is any less than ideal in terms of comfort. Hence, we would recommend not to judge a mattress until you have laid on it for a good try! You might be pleasantly surprised by what makes your body truly feel comfortable.
    2.Understand Fundamental Materials
    When it comes to choosing the fundamental materials used within the core of our mattress, it is of utmost importance to select one that fits our sleeping habits, lifestyle and budget.

    • Open Coiled Springs:
    The open coiled spring structure is by far the most common and widely used for more than a century. Made up of an inter-connected spring system, open coiled mattresses are known for being traditional and highly affordable due to its lower production cost. It is one of the cheapest range of mattresses one may find in the market.

      • Individual Pocket Springs:

      A spin off the traditional open coiled spring mattresses, individual pocket spring mattresses are unlike its predecessor and known to offer more support and comfort to its users. Its springs are cleverly packed within a pocket individually, helping them work independently of each other thus effectively preventing unwanted motion transfer between sleeping partners. Typically, the higher the spring count, the better the support for individual pocket spring mattresses.

      • Memory Foam / Visco Elastic Foam: 

      Memory foams were initially invented by NASA for space travels. However, this lovely invention is so well favored by the public it has now become a common material used in an array of mattress brands over the years. Memory foams are known to be great for spinal alignment, back support and the prevention of motion transfer between sleeping partners. Its superb ability to contour to the curvatures of our body not only sends one into deep sleep quickly but makes it a great fit for anyone who is suffering from arthritis and / or joint pains.

      On the flip side, it is good to be aware that memory foam mattresses typically comes with an initial odor – polyether polyurethane that would take approximately 48 hours to fully dissipate in a well-ventilated space. As memory foams are capable of retaining body heat, it could also result in sleepers feeling hot in bed for all the wrong reasons. However, this material disadvantage is easily alleviated with the thoughtful inclusion of features such as open cell structures and the Belgium imported ice cool knitted fabric as the top layer of our mattresses.Finally, it might take some time to break into a new memory foam mattress, so be prepared to spend 2-4 weeks sleeping on your brand new memory foam mattress before it softens and contours to your body in a more fitting manner.

      • Latex Foam:
      As compared to memory foam, Latex is capable of returning to its original shape within a much shorter time span and it also offers more bounce in nature. Latex Foam can be broadly categorized into two categories – 100% Natural Latex Foam and Synthetic Latex Foam. The first is the purest form of its kind, made entirely from the saps of rubber trees; an ideal choice if someone is looking for an all-natural bedding option. The latter is constructed with a mixture of synthetic materials and a percentage of natural latex, it tends to have lesser bounce and can feel slightly more akin to memory foam.
      Similar to that of memory foam, a new latex foam mattress may require a few weeks before it softens and contours nicely to our bodies. On the other hand, 100% Natural Latex mattresses typically do not have the issue of retaining excess body heat, making sure no one sleeps hot!

      • Patented PLASSPRING®:

      PLASSPRING® is a patented ecofriendly mattress manufacturing technology developed using Thermoplastic Elastomeric and state of the art architectural technology. It is uniquely developed with superior strength and resilience above that of regular steel based coiled springs and individual pocket springs. PLASSPRING® works in an anatomically friendly structure to provide the best join protection alongside a firm yet supple support for our spine.



      Steel Based Springs

      Rust Proof



      Static Free



      Light Weight



      Odor Free



      Durability for 15 Years



      Noiseless During Usage



      True Independent Support



      SLEEPNIGHT holds the exclusive rights to the patented PLASSPRING® system technology in Singapore. This patented system is currently found in SLEEPNIGHT’s West Minister, Franklin and Windsor mattress.

      Hybrid Mattress

      Be aware of the availability of Hybrid mattresses which are also simply known as combination mattresses. With its multi layered structure that includes pocket springs and / or memory foam, latex, cooling gel layers etc; they are essentially God sent mattresses made especially for sleepers like you and I that basically want it all.They are fantastic options if you enjoy both the bounce and support of spring coils while at the same time particular about sleeping on a hypoallergenic mattress made with natural latex. The wonderful part of it all is the fact that we are able to easily select the firmness level with hybrid mattresses; this way we do not have to necessarily wait for a few weeks to pass by before we fully break into our new mattress!

      3.Find A Suitable Bed Base
      The bed base is literally the foundation of our mattress. Its importance is often downplayed but in essence it takes a pivotal role in defining the durability of our mattresses and comfort of our sleep. In order to successfully recognize an ideal bed base, the good people (aka product managers) at SLEEPNIGHT have specifically recommended the use of divan or storage bed bases that do not contain too many metal parts to reduce unnecessary electromagnetic radiation. The accommodating structure and friendly price point of a divan or storage bed base also allows customizable storage space; making it easier for city dwellers like you and I to create more functional space in our bedrooms. It is nonetheless a supportive and as well as aesthetically pleasing option.

      4. 15 Minutes Per Mattress
      Lie down on every potential mattress for at least 15 minutes before making any decision. Spend the time lying down in the various positions that you will usually sleep in every night to fully experience what the mattress has to offer. Be sure to promptly eliminate any mattress from your list of consideration if it is anything short of comfortable.

      5. Autheticate Your Potential Purchase
      There is a chance that salespersons could over sell on the structural components within the mattress. Therefore, as informed buyers it will be ideal to check with the company / brand if they are able to provide any certificates of proof with regards to the materials used within the mattress etc. At SLEEPNIGHT, we ensure that customers are well protected by providing transparency on our product specifications. This is done so via the attachment of a law tag on each and every mattress. Although the mattress law tag system has not become a compulsory requirement in Asia, SLEEPNIGHT has done so to further assure our customers of the quality of our products while providing it as a proof of warranty of our mattress.

        7.The Warranty Is A Must
        Lastly, it is recommended to avoid purchasing a new mattress without a warranty. It is important to purchase from a company / brand that can stand behind their product with a warranty. It is important to take the duration of the warranty into consideration as well.
          In Conclusion
          A mattress is ultimately a big ticket purchase that will last between 7-10 years; thus, it will be best to spend quality time trying the mattresses out in physical at the showrooms!
          We hereby wish you all the best with your upcoming mattress shopping trip, feel free to sign up with SLEEPNIGHT for a free mattress consultation via the link below!
          -An Article Brought to You by SLEEPNIGHT -
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