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How to keep your mattress in optimum shape and condition

by Justin Goh on November 14, 2023

While it seems fun in the movies to jump on your bed to be in touch with your inner child or competing with your children to see who jumps highest, we simply do not recommend it.  Jumping, bouncing, or placing heavy objects on your mattress can cause your mattress undue stress and damage, lose its shape, structure, or integrity.  It can also cause your mattress to sag, crack, or tear and not to mention possible injury.  Perhaps consider a trampoline which could serve the purpose better for your jumping exercises instead. 

So how can you ensure your mattress does not die a premature death and keep its working performance in good form?  Here are some simple tips that you can follow to maintain it and perhaps run its proper lifespan.

Using a mattress protector can help to prevent stains, spills, dust mites, and other contaminants from damaging your mattress.  A mattress protector is like a shield that covers your mattress and protects it from external factors.  It can also make your mattress easier to clean and more comfortable to sleep on.  Try SLEEPNIGHT’s Coolmatic mattress protector that not only does its basic job of protecting your mattress, but it also keeps you cool on those warm nights here.

If your mattress is a two-sided usage type meaning there are no comfort latex on top of one side of the mattress, rotating or flipping your mattress every few months to distribute the wear and tear evenly and prevent sagging or indentations is recommended as a practice.  Doing so can help balance the pressure and weight that you put on different parts of your mattress.  It can also help refresh the feel and appearance of your mattress.

Another sign you need to do something about your mattress is if you wake up in your sleep sneezing with runny nose and swollen eyes which did not use to happen when you go to bed.   Then a high possibility is you are looking at dust mites, mold, or other allergens in your mattress.  This is a sign that your mattress is not clean or hygienic enough for your health, and it can trigger or worsen your respiratory problems.

Little area that we pay attention to is how our mattress that we sleep on do start to collect dead skin cells from our body which mites and bed bugs love to feed on.  Hence it is vital to have your mattress clean every few months or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Alternatively, engage mattress cleaning services such as SLEEPNIGHT’s SleepFreshz Mattress Cleaning Service which not only cleans your mattress but gets rid of dust and dust mites living in them.  By doing so it not only refreshes it, but you also maximize the lifespan of the mattress along with improving your well-being.  Do not dust mites and bed bugs are not the same and mattress cleaning services while usually do a great job removing dust mites but not the bed bugs who have ability to hide in the hardest to reach areas of your mattress such as corners or piping.

Hence if your mattress is unfortunately housing bed bugs, then we can only say the best you can do is to quickly get rid of the infected mattress and any other items around that could be infected like pillows etc.  Next engage a fumigation expert to thoroughly kill them.  Best way to avoid having them in your bedroom is to not lie in bed with clothes that had been outside your home.  And remember to never put any bags or luggage on your mattress as any bed bugs that may have cling onto them will spread to the mattress very quickly.

We hope that this article has helped you understand when to change your mattress and how to maintain it properly.  Having a good mattress is essential for your well-being, sleep quality and keeping feeling refreshed and rejuvenated the next morning. A bad mattress on the other hand can make you feel miserable, exhausted, and frustrated.

If the above article helps you recognize it is time to change your mattress, why not visit any of our 10 showrooms located around Singapore and let our team share more about our mattresses with you.  Alternatively, you can visit our website www.sommeil.com.sg for more details of our range and services.  

May you sleep well tonight on a mattress devoid of dust mites!