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SLEEPNIGHT Relesso - (11
SLEEPNIGHT Relesso - (11

    SLEEPNIGHT Relesso - (11") / Air Chamber System / Tencel Knitted Fabric / High Resilience Visco Elastic Gel Memory Foam / Mattress Only

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      • AIR CHAMBER SYSTEM expands and contracts at targeted spot, stretching tired muscles and relieving aches.

      -Comes with 4 functions to select from on the type of stretch you desire.  Independently programmed for each user allowing both users to enjoy their desired choice at the same time.

      -6 noise reduction air pump structure with a decibel below 40 which is like the sound of a quiet library leaving you undisturbed.

      • Orthopaedic Individual Pocket Spring With Air Chamber Massage Function

      • HIGH RESILIENCE VISCO ELASTIC GEL MEMORY FOAM comforms to the body shape, distributes weight evenly and reducing pressure points. Alleviate pain in areas such as shoulders, hips and back.

      • TENCEL KNITTED FABRIC offers enhanced breathability, durability and long-lasting softness

      • HIGH RESILIENCE QUILTED FOAM known for its durability and longevity. Able to withstand heavier weights, offering a longer lasting mattress.

      • HIGH RESILIENCE COMFORT SUPPORT LAYER provides excellent support by contouring to the body's shape, promoting proper spinal alignment.

      • PEACE OF MIND knowing that SLEEPNIGHT’s mattresses have been treated with Anti Dustmite, Anti Bacteria, Anti Fungi procedures

      • FIRMNESS – Medium 

      • FREE DELIVERY & INSTALLATION INCLUDED: Providing ease and convenience from ordering to assembly

      【Mattress Size Chart】

      Queen : 190cm (L) x 152cm (W) x 28cm (H)
      King: 190cm (L) x 182cm (W) x 28cm (H)

      FREE Gifts - Relesso

      Queen: SLEEPNIGHT Contour Latex Pillow x 2 + SLEEPNIGHT Protector x 1
      King: SLEEPNIGHT Contour Latex Pillow x 2 + SLEEPNIGHT Protector x 1

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